1st Mini Album『OBLIVION e.p.』

Title : OBLIVION e.p.
Release Date : 2019年9月25日
Catalog ref. : NGCA-1060
Format : CD
Price : 1500Yen+Tax

1. Luminous
2. Acid
3. Young & Shame
4. Golden Blue
5. Oblivion


2017年の1stアルバム「TINGLES」リリース後、FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL’17 「ROOKIE A GO-GO」へ出演するなど注目を集めるアーティスト「MINAKEKKE」のニューリリース。ドリームポップの世界観に、R&B/HIPHOPにも通じる構築されたトラックと生演奏の疾走感を兼ね備えた新型クラウトロック・サウンドが完成。
前作から引き続き、共同プロデュースには橋本竜樹、ドラムには堀正輝。フルートの池田若菜とファゴットの内藤彩、ヴァイオリン&ヴィオラの加賀谷綾太郎とチェロの関口将史が参加。葛西敏彦がREC/MIXを、風間萌がマスタリングを担当。MVは、Rachel Chie Millerが制作している。

A world of dark fantasy connected with the current progressive British alternative sounds.
New release of artist MINAKEKKE which attracts attention such as appearing in FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL 17 [ROOKIE A GO-GO] after 1st album [TINGLES] release of 2017.
From the previous work continued on, co-produced by Tatsuki Hashimoto, drums by Masaki Hori. Flute by Wakana Ikeda, Bassoon by Aya Naito, Violin & Viola by Ryotaro Kagaya and Cello by Masabumi Sekiguchi will participate.
Music Video of recommended songs [Luminous] & [Acid] is produced by Rachel Chie Miller.

All songs written by MINAKEKKE
Produced & Arranged by Tatsuki Hashimoto & MINAKEKKE

Vocal, Guitar & Programming _ MINAKEKKE
Guitar, Bass, Piano, Synthesizer, Percussions & Programming _ Tatsuki Hashimoto
Drums _ Masaki Hori (M1,3,4,5)
Flute _ Wakana Ikeda (M4,5)
Fagott _ Aya Naito (M4,5)
Violin, Viola _ Ryotaro Kagaya (M2)
Cello _ Masabumi Sekiguchi (M2)

Recorded & Mixed by Toshihiko Kasai (studio ATLIO)
Mastered by Moe Kazama (studio ATLIO)
Assistant _ Akihiro Iizuka (studio ATLIO)
Recorded at IDEAL MUSIC FABRIK, de.te.ri.o.ra.tion, Vincent Lydia Bed
Mixed & Mastered at studio ATLIO

Art Direction _ MINAKEKKE
Art _ Takayuki Mitsuizumi
Photography _ Yuki Hori
Camera Assistant _ OE HIROKI
Shooting Coordination _ Rachel Chie Miller