Digital Single “i/o”

Title : i/o
Release Date : 2021年12月22日
Catalog ref. : NGDS-0009
Format : Digital

MINAKEKKE’s new song “i/o” is a danceable electronic number that symbolizes this work with a sound like dubstep. Co-produced by Tatsuki Hashimoto. Toshihiko Kasai for recording / mixing. Mastering is done by John Davis of Metropolis Studios (UK).

Digital | 2021.12.22 Release | NGDS-0008
Released by IDEAL MUSIC LLC.

All songs written by MINAKEKKE
Produced & Arranged by Tatsuki Hashimoto & MINAKEKKE

MINAKEKKE: Vocal, Chorus, Programming
Tatsuki Hashimoto:Programming
Recording & Mixing Engineer: Toshihiko Kasai (studio ATLIO)
Additional Recording Engineer: Riho Yoneyama, Tatsuki Hashimoto & MINAKEKKE
Recorded at IDEAL MUSIC FABRIK, studio ATLIO, de.te.ri.o.ra.tion & Vincent Lydia Bed
Mixed at studio ATLIO
Mastering Engineer: John Davis (Metropolis, UK)
Art Director & Designer: Yutaka Sato
Photographer: Rachel Chie Miller