The ver2.0 update for the smartphone game “MUSHIKAGO ALTERNATIVE MARCH” has been released.

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Digital | Dec.18.2019 Release | Released by IDEAL MUSIC LLC.
NGDS-0005 | 857yen(w/o tax) | 4 Tracks incl.

01. Legendary
02. AfterAge
03. Legendary_Instrumental
04. AfterAge_Instrumental


その顔は綺麗な あらゆる歪みが

嘆いて 微笑んだ
その顔は綺麗だ どんな朝よりもっと

愛でて 微笑んだ
その顔は綺麗な 闇が怯むような

そしてまた世界は この手に帰る そっと

We received this lovely fate,
Time is running.
We’ll see in the greatest night.
Go on.



I lost consciousness,
You will hollow out my mind from steel.
I got consciousness,
I will follow to steel.

I feel coldness
but I don’t know whether it is from steel or from me ?
but i don’t care ‘cause (I) live.

I will shout out my life tonight.
Underrated one, so I cry out.
I will shout out my life tonight.
I want you to know
maybe tonight will be last.

It’ll be lovely…It will.

All Songs Written, Produced, Performed by MINAKEKKE

Recording & Mixing Engineer: Toshihiko Kasai (studio ATLIO)
Mastering Engineer: Moe Kazama (studio ATLIO)
Recording, Mixing, Mastering Studio: studio ATLIO

Art Director: Maki Ono (Caramel Column inc.)
Jacket Designer: Prince of Curry (Caramel Column inc.)

It is an original soundtrack for the smartphone game “MUSHIKAGO ALTERNATIVE MARCH”. It’s contains 4tracks – “Legendary””AfterAge” and those instrumental tracks – newly written by MINAKEKKE.