[Oct.17 postscript]
Thank you for your viewing! The archive has been released.
[YouTube Live] https://youtu.be/1mARLdfM9-E

Streaming Single “Last Summer” will be available on October 16th. To commemorate the release, a streaming live will be delivered on YouTube Live at 20:00 on Saturday, October 17th. This is free to watch.

Streaming Single “Last Summer”
020.10.16 Release | Digital Only | NGDS-0006 | IDEAL MUSIC LLC.

A beautiful melody full of acid folk feeling that was delivered while the activity was forced to stagnate due to the influence of COVID-19. “Last Summer” is a MINAKEKKE’s chant composed of acoustic guitar arpeggio, a gentle bass singing voice and a beautiful chorus arrangement.


“Last Summer” Special Streaming Live
2020.10.17 (Sat.) 20:00 Start
[Ticket] Free to watch
[YouTube Live] https://youtu.be/1mARLdfM9-E