On September 27th (Sun), it was decided to hold “セントエルモの火 (St. Elmo’s fire) vol.2” by Ibuki Takai and MINAKEKKE.
On Omotesando WALL & WALL, admission tickets for 20 people will be sold with paid live distribution. Please look forward to it!

September 27, 2020 (Sun) @ Omotesando WALL & WALL
Ibuki Takai × MINAKEKKE “セントエルモの火 vol.2”

A 60-minute song story “セントエルモの火 (St. Elmo’s fire) vol.2” by Ibuki Takai and MINAKEKKE will be held at Omotesando WALL & WALL!
Since then, singer-songwriters, who have been deeply intimate with each other, have created a special world for one night using poetry reading and their respective songs, with the theme of a boat on which Nagi Nagi spreads.

Open 19:00 / Start 19:30 / Close 20:30

<Tickets for 20 people only>
Adv. ¥3,000- +1Drink
Door ¥3,500- +1Drink
*We will present a bonus sound source at a later date.
Sold Out

livepocket: https://t.livepocket.jp/e/wallwall20200927

<Streaming ticket>
Adv. ¥2,000- (9/5 12:00 ~ 9/26 23:59)
Door & Archive ¥2,500- (9/27 00:00 ~ 9/30 19:00)
*Customers who have purchased a delivery ticket and who have made a change will also receive a bonus sound source at a later date.

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*Even if you share the URL or post to SNS, you can only view it with your ZAIKO account.
*If you watch from the middle, it will be a live distribution from that point, and you can not rewind and play during live distribution.
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*If the internet connection is unstable, the delivery quality may deteriorate.
*Customers who have purchased admission tickets and coins will send an e-mail with information on how to transfer the data at a later date.
*Sales fees will be borne by the customer when purchasing the ticket.

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