GIG | Ibuki Takai × MINAKEKKE “セントエルモの火 vol.2”

On September 27th (Sun), it was decided to hold “セントエルモの火 (St. Elmo’s fire) vol.2” by Ibuki Takai and MINAKEKKE.
On Omotesando WALL & WALL, admission tickets for 20 people will be sold with paid live distribution. Please look forward to it!

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Notice of cancellation | CLOW presents “ないしょばなし” vol.2

Unfortunately, CLOW presents “ないしょばなし” vol.2 was scheduled to appear on April 24 (Fri) at Shimokitazawa HALF, to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus, Cancellation has been decided.
Refunds for this performance are available at the Shimokitazawa HALF at the venue. For more detailed information, please check CLOW’s website and Twitter.

Shimokitazawa HALF HP:

Notice of cancellation | IMAIKE GO NOW 2020

“IMAIKE GO NOW 2020” will be closed on the afternoon of February 26 at the New Coronavirus Infectious Disease Control Headquarters in accordance with the policy requested by the government.
I am very sorry for everyone who was looking forward to the event, but now I have decided to make such a decision considering the spread and convergence of the infection first.
Thank you for your understanding.

Ticket refunds will be announced on the official website soon.
Until then, please keep it in a safe place so that you do not lose your ticket.
We will not answer refunds for lost tickets. Please be very careful.
IMAIKE GO NOW Organizer Jail House Co., Ltd.

Official Web :